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Latest NEWS

ZEN Musical Moments new album is out now.New music from Giambattista Fedrici is here. ZEN Musical Moments new album is out now. Discover the latest work of italian music composer Giambattista Fedrici.   ZEN Musical Moments Released February 7, 2020 Genre: Classical music...( read more )
GF7.meSmart URL read more )
Medley of my musicEnjoy with my music. 1# track 2# track  ...( read more )
Official video of “Une Petite Improvisation”This is the official video of “Une Petite Improvisation” of Italian composer Giambattista Fedrici.  ( read more )
ALL NEWSAll news of italian composer Giambattista Fedrici In this section of my website you can to read latest news of my musician life.   [zoomsounds_player artistname="Giambattista Fedrici" songname="Une Petite Improvisation" type="detect" source...( read more )

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